Panama City Florida
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Panama City Florida
Panama City Florida
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Panama City Florida

Currently away from main highway routes, Panama City offers a relaxed and friendly atmosphere in a warm and welcoming climate. Located on the panhandle of Florida's Northwest, it sits on the beautiful, crystal clear water of St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. According to the government's web site, the most often cited descriptions of the city are: "pleasant climate," "attractive housing opportunities," "fishing and water sports", "arts and entertainment," and "a pleasing small town environment for raising a family."

A wide range of activities for young and old are sponsored by Panama City, including baseball, softball, athletic activities, and basketball. Other public facilities include tennis courts, parks, marinas, St. Andrew State Recreation Area, and boat launch ramps.

Commercial facilities include RV parks, beach clubs, fishing trips, scuba diving schools, greyhound park, cruises, Gulf World, concerts and family entertainment, golf courses, Zoo world, adventure golf, great dining, and a host of other activities to suit every taste.

Tourists flock to the area to enjoy the warm climate but , many are now staying to experience the friendly and "small-town," family atmosphere all year long.

On a report by CNN entitled "Top 10 cities: Where to buy now," Panama City Florida was selected as the number one choice.

Panama City Florida: The Future

The new international airport will open later this year and although it is anticipated this will bring growth and prosperity to the area, all are confident that Panama City will retain its "small-town" charm, attracting residents who are seeking a place where family values are held in high regard.

The steady growth experienced in real estate values are expected to continue until the new airport is opened and then they are expected to boom as demand outpaces supply.


Panama City will continue to be a great place to live and as a place to invest, it is also considered by many experts to be the place to purchase real estate property as part of an investment stategy for investment income and for long term capital gain.

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